This one acre lake sits by the "amenity center" at the Belvedere subdivision on Hamilton Pool Road. The fountain on the left does a great job of aiding evaporation of the well water flowing constantly into the lake.

The circle shows the area where the well water flows into the lake

Here is that water gushing into the lake at the rate of 57,000 gallons per day. This pumping stopped the other day and hopefully will remain that way. However, if the developer wants to pump, there apparently is nothing that anyone can do to stop him. There is nothing in the subdivision's contract to receive water from the LCRA, that says that they cannot pump groundwater to fill water features such as this as long as they are part of a subdivided area that is more than 10 acres.

Already, the barbeque joint across the road has reported low pressure from his well. This might be coincidence but, then again, maybe not.

Water gushing from pipe.
Crumbling dam. This crumbling dam may be another reason the lake requires constant topping off. It just don't hold water. Note the marsh land being created below the damn dam.
To make matters worse, here is the next water feature to come on line at Belvedere - a 3 acre lake which is currently practically dry. The developer had started work on a well next to this lake but, reportedly, has stopped that work for now as well. It appears as if developer Joel Robuck wants to be environmentally sensitive because he does seem to respond to suggestions in that realm. We can only hope. 3 acre lake

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