Rocky Creek in all its glory

Here is Rocky Creek, photographed on April 27, 2004. See anything wrong with this picture? No? That's because there isn't. It is crystal clear, pristine, perfect. And it runs this way all the way down into Barton Creek.

Now picture it full of algae blooms and maybe even a little trash, emanating from a passel of houses just above it. Rocky creek runs right below 468 homes on the McHargue (Hudson) development and through another 444 on the Formby tract. Run-off from from lawns, cars and effluent is sure to destroy this marvel of nature.

Want to see a bigger picture of this creek in it's pristine state (hopefully not for the last time)? Click here.

This hillside is where the Hudsons are planning to sprout 468 houses, when they "just add water" to this bit of Hill Country paradise. The picture was taken from Linda & Gene Lowenthal's porch.

Many years ago, before the Lowenthals built on their 50 acre homestead (which shares a fence line with the Hudson's proposed development), Linda Lowenthal was assured by Spencer Scott, Rebecca Hudson's grandfather, that his land would never be developed. Linda said Mr. Scott told her "Little lady, we'll never have a subdivision. Go ahead and build your house on the hill." Hmmm...

[NOTE: Since posting the above quote, we have received a letter from Rebecca Hudson, which is exerpted below. The entire letter, along with its threat of legal action is also available on this site. To read it click here.]

Hillside of the McHargue development

"You have falsely attacked both me and my grandfather, who is not here to defend himself against your claims. On repeated occasions, my grandfather told me to keep this property until it was ready for development. That is what I have done, and that is what he intended for the family to do. Your baseless remarks imply that my grandfather either lied to you, or that I am going against the wishes of my family by pursuing this project. By no means is this the case. My granddad recognized the potential of this property and always intended it be developed."

This illustration shows the above hillside replaced by a little suburban enclave - houses upon houses jammed together. What happened to our Hill Country paradise?

The development is now called Rocky Creek Ranch. The developers have produced a plan that shows how they propose to comply with U.S. Fish & Wildlife rules.

Rebecca Hudson is claiming that she will be leaving 85% of the land "undeveloped". Here is another map that illustrates the reality of the situation.

Find out about the Belvedere subdivision. Info is on the Home Page as well on a page of pictures. There is also a press release that was put out by the Hill Country Alliance.

On Saturday, June 26th, at the direction of the Travis County Commissioners, Lazy 9-Sweetwater developer Bill Gunn held an information session for neighbors at the Cedars Restaurant on Highway 71. Here is a report on the proceedings.

Interested in plat maps of the proposed developments? Here are a few for your viewing displeasure:

McHargue (Hudson - Rocky Creek) Plat (showing surrounding property)
Rocky Creek Plat showing their plan to comply with FWS rules
Rocky Creek Plat showing their promise to only develop 15% of property
Formby Plat and Plans
Signor Plat
Sweetwater (Lazy 9) Plat

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