Home made road sign

Hairpin turn sign

March 21, 2007

In an apparent effort to prevent situations like the crane wreck of March 19th (or maybe in an effort to embarrass the county into doing something), an anonymous concerned citizen put up these makeshift signs at the Hamilton Pool Road switchbacks on both sides of the Pedernales River. All we know is that it was a woman driving a grey Suburban. The signs won't last long and don't really solve the problem but we applaud the activist for at least trying to do something. What is really needed, though (and what Commissioner Daugherty's assistant Bob Moore assures me is coming), is the erection of BIG signs at Highway 12 and at the truck turnaround at the top of the hill accross from Norsworthy Ranch. These signs should say something like BAD CURVES AND WEIGHT LOADED BRIDGE AHEAD - BIG TRUCKS TURN HERE!

Road sign in the river

Now here's another form of citizen activism, the idiotic, nothing-better-to-do destructive kind. The sign in the river is a recently erected one that says "One Lane Bridge".

My policy of keeping the language on this site fairly clean prevents me from saying this the way I would like to but my message to the perpetrator is: "Next time you get the urge to vandalize a critical safety sign, don't throw it in the river. Instead, insert it into the orifice leading to your lower intestines and shove it upwards until your meager brain is forced out your ear!" (Or something like that.)

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