Signing Book
Arriving guests sign in.
Wide exterior shot
Fire truck
Star Hill Ranch is a charming, old west setting. It even has its own church for weddings.
Our loyal, local Hudson Bend Fire Dept. brought out a truck for the amusement of the kiddies.
Kids outside
People inside having fun
Here are some of those amused kiddies.
And the adults seemed to be having a good time too.
Party goers and HPRSCC booth
Mike Reece (back to camera) brought his company tradeshow booth and gave the HPRSCC a mighty professional looking display.
HPRSCC display close
Pepper at the Guardian's table
Here is a closer look at some of what was on that display.
Our good friends the Guardians of Lick Creek had their own table, personed here by Pepper and Ken (hidden behind Pepper)
Partiers get food from the Bert & Ernies crew
Beyrl Armstrong and a couple of happy boys sample the Bert & Ernies' food.
Audobon table
SOS table
Becky Combs (on right) engages with Annie at the Audobon Society (?) table.
Our allies the SOS Alliance had a table at the party too.
A band of neighbors.
Terry Henry (on washtub bass) brought the neighborhood band out for the festivities.
Ric, Mike & Pam
post card  writing & petition station
Pam and Mike Reece are amused as yours truly touts the now-defunct Great Hamilton Pool Road Rush Hour.
HPRSCC stalwarts Mara Eurich, Paula Priour, Nell Penridge, Mike Reece and others write postcards at the petition and postcard table.

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