PEC Lights Up Johnson City (on Our Nickel)

PEC sign in lights

December 24, 2007

By now, it's unlikely that anyone wonders how PEC wastes its members' capital. But here's another of the myriad practices that the "coop" engages in that is not just wasteful of our money but extravagantly wasteful of our precious resources. It is just this sort of lack of consciousness that must end. And the only way it will change will be if we, the owner-members wipe the slate clean and replace the entire current, handsomely paid, go-along, get-along board of directors.

We want our coop back. Waste must stop! The environment must be respected!

PEC  Corner Xmas tree

In case you were in doubt, yes, this ostentatious display entirely circles the PEC headquarters. Too much air pollution from burning fossil fuels? Energy shortages? Not, apparently, in Las Vegas or Johnson City.

It's an embarrassment. It must change!

PEC entrance sign with lights

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