Our pal and neighbor Tom "Smitty" Smith met, on June 14th, with LCRA General Manager Joe Beal. Here is the memo Smitty sent us outlining the results of that meeting.

Memo on conversation with Joe Beal and Tom “Smitty” Smith:

I had a meeting scheduled to talk with Joe about utility issues and as a side issue my concerns regarding
Hamilton Pool road. The following is a summary of my notes on the Hamilton Pool road portion of that

Generally very positive meeting-- I feel like our efforts have paid off and we can work with him- if we can
get a plan and standards together

How far out will lines go eventually?
He isn’t sure- depends on development- initially only to 12- and the river on 71- but could go further-
he is aware that every other property along 71 is for sale to 281

Have they lost critical mass with part of Formby tract not being developed?
No- He is assuming interconnections with the existing subdivisions will make up the demand;
Rebecca Hudson can self fund the line to the Bee Caves tank;
Other water districts are vying to serve the area

Water standards for other Western creeks?
Wants to develop standards- Open to suggestions on standards- would be done as part of an NPS ordinance like the one developed around the Highland lakes

Timing? Regional plan won’t be complete till February.
Regional plan needs to hurry up;
The board has set the December deadline, the board will have to extend it

Community standards for development - Hamilton Pool road?
Interested in hearing from us;
Would acccept sub regional plans from a subset like the Hamilton Poll road corridor;
Was very intrigued by some of the ideas we’d had- such as scenic corridor, trail, etc;
They have hired a facilitator Julie Fallows to do forums and meetings- Joe offered her help on developing
the Hamilton pool road plan;
Said that many of the setback limits, commercial development standards etc. would have to be done via
subdivision plat requirements or through county ordinances;
Thought that Gerald Dougherty had been impressed with the outpouring of concern and saw that his stand had political implications – and thus he might be more willing to listen than I might think—he suggested we visit with him.

Building standards as condition of hook- up- ie: greenbuilding, LEEDS?
Can’t be done on the electrical side since they have long term contracts with their co-ops thru 2016 but they are redoing some of them and they’d like to hear our ideas;
Might be able to do water related stuff on the water contract side

Rainwater utility service?
They have thought about it- and are looking into it- can’t figure out some of the security issues and how to
do the financing;

Beers with community?
Like to – when?