I'll add a quick update from Joe Lessard's meeting: First there was a brief presentation from the LCRA about the NPS ordinances and the revisions they are going through. The revisions should be completed by March or April. I asked about a moratorium on large development until the revisions are completed but they said no. Tom Nuckols gave a presentation on SB 873 which was very interesting. What the County can and can't do under this bill is very controversial. Tom indicated that the county may have some authority regarding lot sizes which really got Bill Gunn's attention to say the least. Joe Lessard had to put Gunn in time-out. Gunn will be doing everything he can to show that the legislatures intent was not to grant lot size authority. There are two county codes that need some research if anyone has the time or inclination; chapter 936 regarding flood planes and chapter 2007 regarding regulatory taking impact. I'm not sure what is there but Tom Nuckols pointed them both out and it would be worth studying. There was also a presentation made from a consultant who does market research for developers. Because we've all heard Joe Lessard say many times that the "marketplace" has all the answers. Man am I tired of hearing that. In my opinion this consultant really didn't have any new information. He reminded us that people have a desire to live in the Hill Country because the "character, rugged terrain and vistas." He also pointed out that the people who want to move to the hill country want 1 - 2 acre lots.

My favorite quote of the day is from Joe Beal: "The LCRA does not have a preference about expansion location even if it is over an environmentally sensitive area so long as it is a good business deal". Then he went on to say that this is because the LCRA would rather be the provider because they will work to protect the environment. "If we (LCRA) don't provide the water someone else will". And the LCRA's argues that they will be more sensitive to environmental needs than anyone else. Mr. Beal went on to tell me that they are applying for a CCN which basically would make them the sole water provider in Western Travis County and it would REQUIRE them to service all of Western Travis County.

Thanks everyone for staying involved.